purple drank lean

A Guide to Purple Drink

purple drank lean

Lean, also called purple drank or many other names and substances, is a popular recreational drug drink, generally prepared with hard candy and cough syrup and then topped off with some sort of soft drink. The original concoction originated in Houston Texas and is still popular in the urban music culture or those living in the South. Purple drank lean is usually served in a plastic shot glass with a twist top lid that is used to hold down the shake. In order to make sure that all sides of the shake are covered, the shake is placed into a shake bottle.

Although purple drink is widely available to the public, there is no exact amount that can be consumed on any given day, as it depends on how much one has to consume and the person’s tolerance for the substance. Many people claim to have drunk about twenty-eight ounces or more, although this amount may vary depending on the person’s body weight and physical activities.

When it comes to purple drink, the only two common ingredients are the candy mixture and the soft drink. Other ingredients used in making this popular drink may include orange flavoring, licorice, gums, cinnamon, ginseng, lemonade extract, and even ginseng powder.

Lean is sometimes made at home and is sold at local grocery stores as well. It is also sold in some convenience stores in some parts of the country but is not available in all places. One of the best selling places in which to buy purple drink is online, where it is sold at a fraction of the cost. However, since it is sold online, it may not always be safe, so it is up to the buyer to do their homework.

Some people claim to have drunk up to five or six bottles of purple drink during a single night, although this is believed to be very rare. Another way that some individuals are able to have a good night’s sleep on purple drank is by drinking the mixture in a shot glass of water. There have been cases where a person has reportedly drunk lean in a shot glass of water as well, however, so it is important that before attempting to try this, that people are well rested. and that they are aware of the dangers of ingesting any intoxicating substance.

It is important that purple drink is consumed responsibly and does not become a problem in any way. It is also important that purple drink is drunk in the proper ratio in order to stay healthy.