E-cigarette or vaporizer

In recent years the issue of vaping has become popularizing, a practice that seeks to help in the combarte against smoking, to perform the vaping requires a device similar to a conventional cigar, this is known as e-cigarette or vaporizer.

While these two concepts, “e-cigarette and vaporizer”, are often confused, what you should know is that these 2 products, although they work in a similar way, represent two distinct devices.

For many this name is indifferent, so they can call an e-cigarette as a vaporizer as well as on the contrary.However, we want to clarify the doubts you may have about it and help you differentiate from each other, in this way you can decide whether to buy an electronic cigarette or vaporizer,or in case you already have one of these two accessories you know which of the two is the one you own.

Perhaps the simplest way to recognize the differences between e-cigarette and vaporizer is by knowing the definition of each.


E-cigarette is an electronic device similar to a traditional cigar, these have a small battery and a Cartomizer that create and transfer energy to a liquid, which comes to the boil producing steam.

These e-cigarettes may usually contain a small amount of liquid nicotine, although this is less harmful to human health than all toxic substances contained in a conventional cigar or tobacco.

The vaporizer

In the case of the vaporizer, we can say that this is a different device to e-cigarette, since it more closely resembles a source pen, differing at the same time from the conventional cigar.The battery with the known vaporizers is usually larger, along with a transparent tank and a nozzle.To activate the device you must press a button near the battery, thus start to heat the e-liquid or e-juice, then release the steam.Whether you purchase an e-cigarette or vaporizer,you can choose to add liquid nicotine or not, however people who use the vaporizer are the ones who refrain from incorporating this substance into their liquid, so a vaporizer will usually only expel vapor without nicotine.