Distilled carts- The Clear Truth

Water is the spring of life. We can survive without food for a relatively long time but only a short time without water. It is essential to every part of our health and well being.

Sometimes I wonder what our grandparents would think if they could look around and see us spend our hard earned money on water in a bottle. Why do we do that? Do we think it’s not healthy to drink tap water? Is it just the convenience? Is it because we intrinsically know that water should be clean and free of chemicals? How do we know if there is a difference in the water we purchase? There is spring water, purified water; water with added minerals for taste, and yes even distilled water.

By reading this article you will learn what distilled water is, it’s health benefits and why so many are turning to it. In this article we will discuss problems with mineral accumulation in the body and the diseases related to it, and how drinking distilled water can help. We will also address how it is an “empty” or “thirsty” water, what this means and why it is important to our health. Finally, we will tackle how much water is really necessary to drink each day.

What is Distilled Water?

There are over 700 potentially harmful minerals and chemicals found in our drinking water. Distilling our water removes ALL of them. Distilled Water is the process of heating water and capturing the steam. The steam is than collected back into a container becoming distilled water. This process leaves all other minerals and chemicals behind creating a product that truly is pure water. This steam is simply hydrogen and oxygen or in other words, water and nothing but water.

Inorganic Minerals – Is the Truth Piling Up?

It is important to consider that our understanding of minerals is incorrect. There is mounting evidence that clearly shows our bodies CAN NOT assimilate inorganic minerals. In fact, the opposite is true. We break them down into small enough particles so our bodies can take them in, but they can’t effectively use them. What happens? Those minerals accumulate in our bodies, building up over time. Think of corrosion on pipes. We are no different. Calcium deposits line our arteries, we develop bone spurs, arthritis can develop where minerals and other toxins have settled on the joints and on and on and on. It is true that we need minerals in our diet. However, we are organic beings and need organic minerals. Minerals found in plant food have been changed from inorganic to organic and are readily assimilated and used by the body. For example, one glass of fresh squeezed orange juice has more usable minerals in it than 30 gallons of water!

Health Benefits of Distilled Water – Can Distilled cartsHelp?

Yes! Switching to distilled water will help keep those inorganic minerals from entering the body. That is a huge step toward health, but what about those minerals already there? There is another beautiful truth about distilled water. Because distilled water is nothing but distillate carts water it is naturally empty or thirsty. It actually pulls into it the properties it comes in contact with. For example, it has been proven that using distilled water when making herbal tea is 30 percent more effective at drawing out the medicinal properties of the herbs than regular tap water. Thirty percent! That is a huge difference. By operating on those same principles, drinking distilled water will draw out those inorganic mineral accumulations in the body, providing relief from pain and improved health over time.

How much carts Should You Drink in a Day?

Most Americans walk around chronically dehydrated and don’t even realize it. A good rule of them is to drink your weight in ounces. For an average person, weighing about 130 pounds, a gallon of distilled water a day is not too outrageous. Distilled Water can be purchased very inexpensively at your local grocery store. Many water bottle delivery companies are beginning to offer distilled water as an option. Small counter top distillers are also available online and work really well.

To summarize, chronic dehydration is an epidemic in the United States. Not getting enough water to drink can cause a host of health problems. We can use the empty properties of distilled water to draw out the medicinal properties of herbal tea as well as draw out accumulations of inorganic minerals and other toxins that build up in our body. There are promising studies in regards to Distilled Water and Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, and Heart Disease. Many find water relieves headache pain, helps keep them regular, can help hydrate and soften skin, and helps flush out the lymph system carrying toxins out of the body and can even help with weight loss. So only one question remains…How much water have you had to drink today?

Terri Johnson is a stay at home mom with five children. She is currently a student for the School of Natural Healing and is working toward becoming a Master Herbalist. The personal experiences she has had with her family, especially her young daughter with Down’s Syndrome has motivated her to share how proper nutrition along with herbal supplements can create remarkable results in overall health. Terri believes that through knowledge comes empowerment over your own health and the health of those you care about.