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How to Choose Right Skateboard Wheels for Your Truck?

he skateboard wheels are the part of your skateboard which lets you manoeuvre and help determine how quickly you can go. Made of polyurethane, skateboard wheels come in a selection of sizes, colours, and durability levels to suit your skateboard style and taste.

Skateboard wheels are measured by either diameter or durometer.

Both these factors are a matter of personal taste, and what you intend to do on your skateboard. Custom construction permits you to choose what the top wheels would be to suit your deck, trucks, and hardware.


Diameter of skate wheels

Skateboard wheel diameter is measured in millimetres (mm); many wheels include 50-75 mm, and the lower the number, the smaller the wheel.

Wheel diameter also affects how quickly you speed and how tightly it’s possible to turn. Smaller wheels lead to a slower ride, whereas bigger wheels result in a quicker one. And since they are lower to the floor and typically simpler to control, smaller wheels are best for specialized or street skating.

If you’re a newcomer or someone who uses a skateboard as daily transportation, you’ll need to choose larger wheels instead. Their increased diameters offer balance and speed all in a single, making them ideal for low-key cruising or vert skating. Click here to review some of the top-performing skateboard wheels in the market.

Some common sizes of wheels for skateboarding are listed below

  • 50-53mm (best for basic tricks and streets)
  • 54-59mm (For Advanced tricks and vert ramps)
  • 60mm+ (for long skateboards, downhills, dirt, and rough terrains)


In addition to size variants, skateboard wheels come in various shapes, or cuts, such as narrow or broad lip, and also cruiser wheel form. If you’re trying to find a ride with much less friction and weight, then the more narrow lip brakes are the thing to do and will allow you to master that next suggestion since they are a lot more responsive to rapid moves.

skate wheels shapes

Additionally, beginners and commuters are more inclined to invest in cruiser brakes since they have a tendency to have the best traction in addition to curved outer lips.

However, if you would prefer a choice that contains the very best of both worlds, consider conventional broad lip brakes; though less likely for rate compared to thinner versions, these are balanced and sturdy, which makes them an advantage to the ordinary skater both round the skate park or even around the road.


Durometer steps the skateboard wheel hardness, which may, in turn, define if that specific wheel is much better suited to skateboards or longboards.

durometer skatebord

Most producers use the Durometer A Scale, which will be a 100-point scale which quantifies how tough that the wheel is. The greater the number, the more difficult the wheel, even though the ordinary wheel durometer will be 99a.

There are a few manufacturers that may rather utilize the B Scale, which measures 20 points less compared to the A Scale, and consequently allows for an additional 20 points for your toughest wheels. These skateboard wheels have a broader and more precise hardness range.

Some manufacturers will also experimentation with dual-durometer wheels to get a more tailored hockey experience. In the instance of a dual-durometer skateboard wheel, then the interior of the wheel may quantify 1 standard of hardness, whereas the exterior of the wheel is still just another.

This practice frequently allows for greater speed and endurance on your skateboard wheels, as it provides them with a mix of advantages from the ends of the dimension spectrum.

Check out the durometer ratings below

  • 78a-87a  (Means soft skateboard wheels good for rough surfaces and cruising in the streets)
  • 88a-95a (A bit faster with less grip)
  • 96a-99a (Excellent speed and grip, best for ramps, cruising, pool and rough surfaces)

Contact Pitch


The contact patch is also a significant quality of bicycle wheel functionality. A wheel contact patch denotes the region of the wheel which really makes contact with the sidewalk. In case you’ve got big longboard wheels, then your contact patch is also big.

Why is contact patch significant? In case you’ve got a large contact patch, then your weight will be dispersed over a larger region. This decreases the compression of the urethane on your wheels and reduces rolling resistance, which may slow down your wheel.

Rounded wheels create contact with the sidewalk, while square wheels create the greatest contact with the sidewalk. The positioning of touch stains may also have an effect on wheel functionality.