NEED FOR SPEED HEAT PC Game REVIEW At the starting line, let’s make this clear. Need for Speed: Heat is a decent game, a colorful, rich open-world racer with an entertaining day / night feature and exciting police chase. Imagine Burnout’s sun-drenched fun: Paradise combined with Need For Speed’s vehicular duelling: Rivals, and you’re two-thirds of the way to understand what Need For Speed is about: Fire. All you need to add is the most gross cast of characters ever forced out of the production sphincter.


I swear by Vin Diesel’s right foot, Mortal Kombat XI’s battle roster is less intrinsically punch-able than Need for Speed: the pathologically annoying racing drivers of space. They’re not thinking so much about smack as worrying about grievous bodily harm, pure posturing macho, and self-absorption narcissistic. Ana, a girl racer who is basically your best friend, informs you at one stage early in the game, “You don’t do in

Seeing that Palm City is basically a giant Miami bar, filled with eye-catching neon lights and an almost omnipresent thumping rhythm, maybe I shouldn’t be shocked that its populace is always so grotesquely in your face. Nevertheless I consider Need for Speed’s hyperactive, aggressive tone tiresome after Forza Horizon’s optimistic, cheerful vibes.

Luckily, it impresses beyond its theme Need for Speed: Fire. You take on the role of a young street racer who is looking to make his mark on Palm City roads. Choosing your character from around a dozen pre-set avatars (each of which you would actively avoid at a party), you navigate a familiarly designed open-world, engage in races, embark on floating adventures, break police billboards and, for some reason, hunt for giant neon flamingos.

The open-world Heat has two distinct personalities. All the competitions that you run in are organized activities by day. Winning a race wins you a “money” — the fiery slang of Heat for money. You’re investing this on buying new cars and new parts, tailoring each vehicle to match different case styles. But at night, Fire really comes to life. Instead of earning your deposit, evening races raise your “Rep” (please stop it). That acts as your level of experience, unlocking new races and making available for purchase new cars and vehicle parts.

The night-races are structurally the same as the daytime ones. Still, officers, there’s one big difference. Throughout night, the highways are prowled with crowded police cruisers, and they’re going to start following you irrespective of whether you’re in a sprint or just traveling around the world, trying to stop your vehicle by either locking you in or just wrecking it. When you’re in a sprint and you pass