The Refined Feline – cat litter box review

There are those who prefer a decorative piece of furniture for their beloved feline pets, which they can put in any room of the house, that is why this sandpit furniture for cats of The Refined Feline is the most recommended, because it is a multifunction table that you can use as a house for cats or as a litter box.

The Refined Feline

Thanks to its attractive finish and beautiful design, this furniture is listed among its buyers as one of the best sifting cat litter boxes of 2019, because it brings a touch of luxury to the place destined for your feline friend.

On the other hand, this model has reversible walls for entry, both left and right. In addition, the interior of the litter box includes a plastic tray with high walls, which facilitate cleaning.

This attractive mahogany furniture is listed by many as the best cat litter of the moment, because it is multifunctional, easy to clean and thanks to its luxurious design. It looks great in any room. With this you should also consider buying cat litter mats which always compliment the litter boxes.


  • Design: It is designed in the form of a table that you can use as a litter box or as a house for the cat, with delicate and attractive finishes, thanks to its striking mahogany color.
  • Odours: Thanks to the fact that it is a closed piece of furniture, it is easy to hide the litter box inside, without the emission of unpleasant odors.
  • Storage drawer: This product contains a storage drawer inside, which is perfect for organizing your cat’s things.


  • Mounting: Given the large dimensions of this litter box, its assembly could be somewhat complicated, since the instructions are not very clear.