Types of resistances for your e-cigarette

A good vaper knows from leftovers that to get the best fraught it is necessary to choose a good resistance, since it is in charge of producing those clouds of steam that you like so much to those who use e-cigarettes.

There are different types of resistors for your e-cigarette, but all of them inside carry a metal spiral coated with cotton, the battery heats the spiral and then the liquid-soaked cotton causes steam to produce. Resistances are usually found inside the heads along with the wick.

Resistances usually live two weeks as they suffer a lot due to temperatures. But it’s not always that time, as every person vaping in a different way and intensity. There are some indications that it is necessary to change the resistance, among which are a loss of flavor, a certain taste of burnt or a production of steam.

When this happens, it is important to note that once we have a new resistance, we will have to pour a few drops of liquid into the center of the resistance. Once this step is done, the atomizer will have to be filled and left to rest about 3 minutes before giving the first draft. This process makes the resistance do not deteriorate and we get a dry puff with a pleasant taste.

The types of resistors for your e-cigarette are measured in ohms. This energy value makes the lower the steam, as the liquid vaporizes faster.